Top Causes of Lower Back Pain

Total views towards skeletal muscles

Often contained in traditional literature that it cannot determine the cause of lower back pain. From this perspective, derived from a view automatically, and not integrated to the body he left for us since the scientific revolution. When the body is displayed as a set of isolated pieces rather than elegant and integrated University, become the cause lower back pain a baffling mystery.

However, it can start a holistic view of the body into a kind of confusion. Evaluation of the relationship between the general structure of the body in gravity and they function in motion, start causes lower back pain reveals itself.

Holistic perspective guides us to one of the most overlooked sources, not just from lower back pain, but chronic pain in General. This source skeletal muscles.

Dr Janet also made travel and David Simmons explicitly clear at work 2-comprehensive volume, myofascial pain and weakness: “manual trigger point”, a large percentage of chronic pain in the body not because of problems with damaged nerves, bursae, degenerative arthritis, but bugs in soft tissue, particularly skeletal muscles.

Because of lower back pain can be divided into five primary problems that correlate with each other. The following classification is based on the training of “erratic in Saint John, and postural analysis method and clinical massage therapy focused on muscle and bone alignment and compensatory cure muscle patterns.

Five major problems

1. Ischemia (pronounced: puny iz EE uh)

Is the primary cause of lower back pain ischemia. “Ischemia” means no blood. Without enough blood to provide nutrients and oxygen, the soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia build milk and other toxins, and become painful. Ischemia occurs when chronic muscle contracting over a period of time. So far, is the most common cause of lower back pain, muscle strain and spasm due to ischemia.

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2. Trigger points

The second reason for lower back pain from trigger points. Trigger point is an area of soft tissue which, after chronic contraction and reduced blood flow, an area of high nervous activity. For example, the muscle fibers can become ischemic (low blood muscles) trigger point is active in responding to changes in biochemical tissue. An active trigger points cause sensation referred to other parts of the body. The sensation of pain, tingling, numbness, thermal sensations (hot or cold), weakness, and quality General, Achy feeling that “it just doesn’t feel right.” for example, you may have a lower back muscle point player which indicates sense down to your buttocks, or even down the leg. This is not the same thing as referred pain caused by nerve compression and nerve entrapment which will be covered below.

3. Nerve entrapment, nerve compression

The third cause of lower back pain is a nerve compression and entrapment. Nerve is compressed pressure on nerves, bone or intervertebral disks. Nerve compression happens when the spine is misaligned for some reason (wrong movement patterns and harm and chronic muscle tightness), get one of the discs between the vertebrae squeezed on one side so that it bulges to the other side. If the bulge pressure on spinal nerve, then you’ve got pain! Nerve entrapment when caught or pinched nerve of the soft tissues. For example, passing the buttocks the sciatic nerve (the largest nerve in the body) and can become entrapped by the piriformis muscle when muscle is too tight. This can result in pain down the back leg.

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4 Structural imbalances), aka “postural distortion”

The fourth reason for lower back pain is a structural imbalance or postural imbalance. In a sense, this issue is more important than everything. The reason for this noble mode of this structural imbalance is the root of the problem are often responsible for ischemia, trigger points, nerve compression or trap.

If a mutilated corpse off its center of gravity, can compensate for muscle patterns. To illustrate this point, put your elbow on the table in front of you with your forearm pointed straight up to the ceiling. Now imagine you got a bowling ball resting in the Palm of your hand. If your forearm just straight up and down, will support the weight of a bowling ball on your forearm bones. Theoretically, could push the bowling ball there indefinitely.

But if you turned off the center line, even a little, then your arm muscles will go in order to hold a bowling ball. Even the strongest human in the world won’t be able to hold the ball up there a long time. And that’s exactly what might be happening with your body. If your alignment off like that don’t focus your head on your shoulders over your hips you feet over, and then the muscles of the body must always involved to hold up your body!

5) Disruption of biomechanics

The fifth reason for lower back pain is a dysfunctional biomechanics. This is often a byproduct of structural imbalance manifests itself in the wrong movement patterns. For example, if you’ve got nagging lower back pain might push the body in a restrictive manner, walk differently, or access things with limited range of motion. It makes sense to do so, and is not recommended for fighting the restrictions in the body. They try to protect you from the pain. Until you address the structural imbalance, pain, there is wisdom in that border. However, plaid can become repetitive in the nervous system like that, even after the Elimination of the structural problems and the muscles, you can still move in a limited way, and protection. This could revive the structural imbalances and muscles. That is why even a minimum system of daily stretches can be vital to a full recovery.

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