Traveling Fitness

Traveling Fitness – If you travel for business or pleasure, being on the road usually leads to one thing: being overweight. From missed workouts to large restaurant meals, travel days often high calorie days. The next time you go to keep the road the following tips in mind and come home leaner than when I left!

1: Stick with circles

Traveling Fitness – When you find yourself in a hotel room equipped with sufficient equipment to practice, make the best of it. You won’t be able to get in a normal workout at your local health club, where you will have to make do with available equipment. A great way to do this is to workout at home. Most hotel rooms to practice at least one piece of equipment for every part of the body, and usually empty as a ghost town, where the circuit will work fine. One on each part of the body, and then hop on a bike or a treadmill for 10 minutes. Repeat this process two more times, you will find yourself sweating up a storm.

2: Your daily calorie burn

Traveling Fitness – If you travel keep you so busy to workout, or if I didn’t have a hotel room to exercise, make a conscious effort to burn calories daily. There are many different ways to suit your burning some calories today. Go for a brisk after your daily activities. This is a great way to see a new city, ate also a great way to burn off the rich dinner just for you! Take the stairs instead of the elevator at the hotel and other buildings that you visit. Go short jog in the morning or in the evening for your stay. If you have a few swimming pools, hotel each morning or evening.

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3: Watch portion size

Traveling Fitness – Dining out should be when traveling. Whether you are visiting 5 star restaurants or fast food Diners, you encounter the same problem: large parts. The easiest thing to do with a large PBX simply eat everything, that’s not the easiest on the waist! When you order your meal, ask the waiter or waitress to bring you a box to go with your meal. This way you can take half the meal and place it securely in the box before you even begin to eat. You will have no choice but to eat the healthy part, and you have your next meal taken care of. If you instead don’t carry around a box to go and ask to make your entry into the smaller part. If it’s dinner time ask entry size for lunch.

4: Avoid fried foods

Traveling Fitness – While fast food restaurants is certainly comfortable, with low prices and fast service, this convenience is not worth the inevitable weight gain resulting from burgers and fries. When traveling, keep this in mind: avoid fried foods. While this is always good advice to follow, more important to abide by while traveling.

When you travel you are most likely to be burning less calories each day you normally burn at home, you consume more calories because your schedule for dining out. I was walking a fine line, eating fried foods throw you right over the edge of the weight gain. A gram of fat contains 9 calories compared to calories 4 carrying proteins and carbohydrates, so you can see that the consumption of fried foods radically increase your calorie intake. If you still haven’t convinced you to pass the fries, and keep in mind that it is burning and indigestion is never fun, but how do you suffer them on a plane, bus, or train!

5: The body weight routine

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Traveling Fitness – When the hotel has no room to exercise, and you still want to get some kind of workout, try the body weight routine right in your hotel room:

  • Silly 20: remember these from grade school! Start jumping!
  • 20 push ups: get on the floor and keep your back flat and push!
  • Silly 20
  • Crunches 20: keep your hands behind your head and breathe as you crunch up.
  • Silly 20
  • DIP 20 triceps: place your palms on the edge of the Chair and bend in your elbows and push yourself back up!
  • 20 squats: stand in place, with knees shoulder width apart, squat down!
  • Silly 20
  • Lunges 20: keep your hands on your waist and step forward to save 90-degree bend in your knee, and push yourself back up!

The next time your business or pleasure takes you away from home, keep these tips in mind and be pleasantly surprised with your results! Having a great trip!

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