Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Ultrasonic Humidifiers – For our comfort and our health, we require a certain amount of moisture in the air. According to the environmental protection agency (EPA), this amount is 30 to 50 per cent. If the humidity level in our home less, we suffer effects of dry air. Bleeding in the nose, cough, dry skin, itchy eyes. Those are all possible effects of low humidity. Even our home itself is not immune to the problems of dry air. Low humidity can cause cracked paint and furniture dry and peeling wallpaper and wood is fragile.

Moisturizers help to alleviate these problems by putting moisture into the air. There are several types of moisturizers, but they all do one basic thing: water circulating through the air. Ultrasonic humidifier works by using high-frequency sound vibrations to a very fine spray and sent into the air without heating the air. With the ultrasonic humidifier, no risk of steam burns because the water is cold. For this reason, ultrasonic humidifiers are a popular choice for nursery or children’s rooms.

This type of humidifier is generally quickly and quietly.

The environmental protection agency, consumer product safety Commission has recently expressed concern that the ultrasonic humidifiers can disperse microorganisms and minerals into the air. However, this has no significant health risks.

Use an ultrasonic humidifier, steps should be taken to avoid any potential problems with microorganisms and minerals dispersement. For example, the water must be changed daily to avoid any growth of microorganisms. The water tank should be cleaned and disinfected regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To avoid the risk of mineral deposits that are sent into the air, using water with low mineral content. Distilled water is excellent for this purpose. Carefully following the instructions for use and care of the manufacturer must reduce the risks of microorganisms being put into the air.

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