Understanding About Bulimia

Bulimia – When you enter a girl in puberty, her body changes. It begins to look like a woman’s body, instead of a girl. Fat begins to appear. Put the breasts and hips widen and grow girl. For a young woman, these changes are greeted with excitement. For other young women, these changes may cause grief and suspicion. A young woman may feel uncomfortable in her body to body girls without curves. She has been the project her fear of food. Now, when you eat, eat lots of food. She binges. It was filled with guilt and shame and vomit the food. She purges. This is the story of a young woman who has it.

Bulimia is not exclusively produces changes in puberty, and is not limited to women. Although 90 percent of it cases occur in women, most of these women start to eat and vomit in the mid-to late-teens, can stem from various causes bulimia nervosa. Some people with it to perfection. Some feel reflects their weight. Being too heavy a sign of failure. Some may be depressed, or unable to cope with the world. Vomiting may represent a person’s desire to cleanse his or her being of traits they despise the most. You may be unhappy inside someone with bulimia and feel lost, and the satisfaction of controlling food intake or weight. But there is no single known cause of it.

The turmoil is not limited to adolescents. About 10 percent of College women bulimic, and four percent population is estimated to have it. Most people with bulimia start with normal weight, but as they try to lose weight, they lose adequate nutrition. When ravenous people with it, they tend to eat comfort foods like potato chips, ice cream or cookies-a few foods nutritional value. Remove the purge any food in your body, nutritionally sound. Some people who suffer from bulimia using diuretics or laxatives instead of (or in addition to) puking.

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Frequent vomiting often leads to an erosion of enamel for the person with bulimia teeth and cause tooth decay. Stomach ulcers constipation, bloating and other symptoms of heartburn bulimia. People with bulimia often goes to the bathroom after meals, preoccupied with weight, are sensitive to changes in temperature. Women with it may have irregular periods of diet is nutritionally sparse.

And became the bulimia nervosa eating disorder formally diagnosed in the 1980s. Ten percent of people with it will die from its complications. Although you may deprive people with it, eating disorders, they should see a doctor immediately, with the support of those who love them. Bulimia treatment completely.

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