What are the Bulimia Symptoms

Bulimia Symptoms – Bulimia eating disorder. People with bulimia usually have normal weight, but they see themselves to be fat. Or they may feel very guilty or disgusted when they eat. These feelings so strong that people with bulimia throw lots of food that they eat. Although both men and women can develop bulimia, 90 per cent of people with bulimia are women. For most, begin with bulimia in teens, a few years after puberty begins. Many people with bulimia are perfect or overachievers.

Bulimia Symptoms – Bulimia is identified by two distinct behaviors: bingeing and purging. At a party, someone eats more than 1,000 calories, which is almost half the number of calories each person needs typical in one day. But for someone with bulimia, binge eating may be a piece of cake. Often, people with bulimia binge on comfort foods like chips or a cake or cookies. But after eating, the person is filled with guilt and shame. A person with bulimia then purge himself or herself to incite vomiting, excessive exercise, or by using laxatives.

Bulimia Symptoms – Will eat people binge and purge cycle too much food at one time. A party may be confidential or planned. Can start suddenly, the sequence just lunch. Some people have a party once a day; others may binge several times a day. After eating, will someone with bulimia often goes to the bathroom for several minutes to vomit the food. He or she may abuse of laxatives or diuretics, or exercises. Someone with bulimia worried excessively weight and appearance.

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Bulimia Symptoms – Vomit continuously burns the esophagus, mouth, teeth with stomach acid. Many people with bulimia have symptoms such as heartburn, gingivitis or swelling of the salivary glands of stomach acid. Lose some enamel teeth or getting cavities. It may also be constipated people with bulimia.

Bingeing and purging, and as a result many people with bulimia suffer from malnutrition. Have taken off and low electrolytes. Many people with bulimia have dry skin and brittle nails. More seriously, when low blood potassium levels, can be fatal.

Bulimia can also be linked to problems in esteem, stress or depression. Bulimia can be treated completely, but require technical assistance and support to break cycles of bingeing and purging.

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