What Happens After a Guilty Verdict or Plea?

Typical platform determines the maximum penalty for the underlying crime crime. For example, the criminal code, serious assault charge DC carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison, plus $ 10,000 fine. But, just because there is a maximum penalty, all is not lost yet. There are ways to help minimize in prison, or even reduce it to time served. Criminal lawyers will want to search for the below procedures are available in their systems.

Probe into previous sentence:

Often, when sentencing date set by the Court, it may order either pre sentence (PSI) usually to investigate probationary officer. The main purpose of this initiative is to assist the Court to determine the appropriate penalty criminal suspect. Increasingly, it also helps frame the issues for the Court to consider in sentencing hearing.

Investigator usually gets information through interviews with relevant third parties, defendant, and review of documentation. Third parties include typical victim, family, friends, employers and employees of the defendant school, doctors and therapists. At times he will speak of probationary officer with the Prosecutor Criminal Prosecutor, police officers or investigators. The document may include court file, any plea agreement, the criminal history, academic records, medical records and anything else deemed relevant investigator.

This initiative allows different opportunities for the defendant. It is important for the accused and criminal lawyer cooperate fully during this initiative, as often the Court will develop great weight in the generated report.

Sentencing guidelines:

Most jurisdictions use some form of guidelines to alleviate sentencing disparities in criminal cases. While generally determine the guidelines provisions mainly based on conduct related to crime and the criminal history of the defendant, it may depart from the guidelines in cases involving extenuating circumstances. It is based on the departure of prominent when the defendant provides significant assistance to authorities; however, there are many others. Criminal lawyer should explore any honest arguments for below wholesale guideline.

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Third party data:

It may be helpful to the respondent the right data or messages or even testimony from third parties at the sentencing hearing. Usually family members and close friends submitting third party data better, because they know better than the respondent and are most likely to make a useful affirmations.


Everything comes together during the sentencing hearing, at which time it will be a criminal defendant and his lawyers the opportunity to object. Some jurisdictions hold this as an absolute right, and reversed the rule in his absence. Trap is occasionally used when a defendant pleads guilty to murder in Exchange for commutation of sentence. Literally meaning “to talk”, this is the opportunity to recruit the initiative report, sentencing guidelines and any third party data to formulate an argument for a lighter.

The conclusion:

While the above are often used in cases of crime, there are circumstances where you will apply the same misdemeanor charges (think repeat DUI, for example). Ideally, the defendant’s lawyer would have spoken about all these procedures before trial. Therefore, if the jury returns a guilty verdict, the defendant acts accordingly and not digging a hole deeper than climbing.

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