What if I Want to Change My Criminal Law Attorney?

Because the risks are too high when you go to court, few relationships are stronger than those between a person accused of a crime and the defendant. That freedom may be on the line not only when facing criminal charges but also because the various penalties including long term and financial consequences. A strong relationship and trust with your attorney will resolve your case that is much more important for your attorney. Not just open and honest relationship is crucial from the beginning but also throughout the process so it is not likely appropriate for your condition.

What are your options if you are not happy with your current Attorney?

Emails that are not returned, ignore requests; these are some of the signs that your attorney is not giving you the best possible representation in advocating for your rights. Often clients are never informed about the status of the case, what are the next steps and are virtually left in the dark. This increases the difficulty of dealing with criminal cases and if worse comes to worse, it’s sometimes best to cut your loses and find a better lawyer. Is the only thing that you must remember that you are always free to fire your attorney because job lawyer give the customer the best possible representation from start to finish, and if a client feels he or she does not get the best representation, always have the option to find an attorney who can.

There are some ways that you must address issues such as this to ensure that your defense is not put at risk. Normally, if a fairly new issue, risk problems resulting from changing lawyers less risk. For example, if you can wait until the eve of trial for a new lawyer, new counsel may have difficulty strong defense in time and the result may be unfavourable. In your best interest to voice any dissatisfaction with your attorney as possible so that your new lawyer has plenty of time to prepare before the Court.

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How do I go about changing lawyers?

Relatively easy to get a new lawyer to just visit with another lawyer and explain your case. When you find an attorney that you like and that you will only need to set up a form of “substituting” then, your new lawyer will be collecting all information about issues and sample files with the Court.

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