What is the Definition of a Lawyer and what they do?

The definition of a lawyer
Definition of lawyer according to wikipedia.org Attorney suggested that the Attorney or advocate or legal powers is a noun, the subject. In practice, also known as legal consultants. It can mean a person who commits or gives advice (advice) and Defense (represented) to another person (the client) are associated with the settlement of a legal case.
The term lawyers now services the legal profession who were involved in a dispute can be resolved outside or in the Court of session. In the legal profession, the term beracara the legal arrangements related to the events in the book of the law of criminal procedure and the law of Civil Law. The term lawyer is distinguished by the term legal consultant who plans more to providing legal consulting services in General.
The defence was conducted by lawyers against the formal institutions (the judiciary) and informal (discourse), or people who are certified to provide legal services, both within and outside the Court. In Indonesia, to be able to become a lawyer, a scholar of the College backgrounds of law must follow special education and pass Professional exams administered by an organization of lawyers.

While the notion of lawyers according to the Indonesian Language Dictionary is defined under the Attorney is attorney i.e. legal experts or people authorized by law by another person to transact business. In addition, it can also represent others in litigants in court.

Nowadays people know the term cloud of lawyers as a profession graduates majoring in law. The lawyer can mean a person who performs or provides advice and advocacy “represent” for others that is associated (client) with the completion of a legal case.

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If his position, lawyers were equivalent to police, prosecutors, and justice. What distinguishes it is its role. A lawyer there to represent the interests of the community, while the police and prosecutors had a role as institutions that represent the interests of the Government, as well as the judge’s role was to represent the State. This position on the role of lawyers to be important because it can be maintaining a balance of interest between the State, Government, and society. Consider aja police, prosecutors, and judges are civil servants while the Attorney is an employee of private.

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do

Duty Solicitor/Advocate (in development)
Researching legislation, for its application
Give advice that is either legal or non-legal
Make letters and legal documents
Litigation including the preparation of the defence and advocacy and oversight
The investigation of the facts (search/investigation)
Legal research and analysis
Lobbying lawmakers and the Administration
Acting as an intermediary
As a spokesperson/public relations clients
File a submission to the Government and other organizations
Represent a client to read out the verdict of the Court or Tribunal judge
Take care of the financial funding
Managed properties
Recommends the client to other sources
Emotional sobriety helps clients in dealing with legal issues)
Running a business
Provide information-legal information
Defending and protecting human rights
Provide legal assistance with free of charge (pro-bono) to the people who are weak and not able to.
To become a lawyer, the main capabilities that we have to have is the ability to communicate. In addition, it takes time to build its image as a reliable Attorney, because attorneys qualified can be seen from his experiences in dealing with various legal cases.

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For a law degree who has just graduated, preferably an internship at lawyers who already have a name, so he can dig his senior lawyer of experience. The various parties who use the services of a lawyer for example:
Individuals either in civil or criminal field
Non-governmental organizations

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