Where You Can Find Contact Lenses for Sale

Contact Lenses – If you want to try a contact lens size, and there are many places that you can purchase. Before you go on spending, but they are vital to the health of your eyes to receive prescription from reputable eye doctor. Ophthalmologists should suit your eyes so that the contacts that fit snuggly and do not move in the eyes cause scratching and irritation. After you see a doctor, you can buy your contacts from several different places as shown below.

The doctor’s Office and specialty stores

The first place you can buy contact lenses at the doctor’s Office. While this may seem convenient, this is often not the most lucrative move to make. Doctor’s offices often simply ridiculous prices to help make their account for sale

Discount stores

Then there’s Wal-Mart, Costco and Sam’s Club. Provides both of these three stores manage to see. Not only can you go see an eye doctor at a store here, but you can also choose your glasses and order your contact lenses. Contact lenses are much cheaper here than they are in the doctor’s offices. That’s partly to buy contacts in most places like Wal-Mart and can sell them to you cheaper.

Phone and online sources

There are also online and telephone sources. One place to go directly to the manufacturer, like Freshlook and Acuvue websites. There are also many other sites that you can order from. There are also 1-800-CONTACTS and the support Web site for your company. These sources are often as cheap as discount stores when it comes to pricing. Some offer free shipping, but most all of them need a prescription is correct!

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