Why People Cannot Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking – Smokers love excuses. Can’t quit because. (Fill in the blank). I covered one of my favourite excuses in the last article, ‘ concentration con ‘.

Now here is another of the main-cannot end-excuses. Smoking helps relax. Most smokers claim that it helps them to relax. But ever describe smokers as relaxed?

Addiction (or usually) makes them nervous and jumpy. All things being equal, will never relax smokers as they did once before those drugs.

Stop Smoking – Think about the last time you ate in a restaurant. Not that comfortable environment when you eat your meal in good company? But that’s not enough the smoker. They’re still uncomfortable. They need to fix the cigarettes, even between sessions, because they think that what they need to relax.

Then they associate interim relief with cigarettes, rather than the environment and company. She doesn’t even look can get ruined the enjoyment of friends non-smoker to smoke.

Stop Smoking – Let’s look at the reality of the stunt. Nicotine is stimulant, relaxant/no depression. Alarm clock speeds up metabolism, never slowing down.

And counts the claim ‘ relaxing ‘ smoking another illogical excuse used by smokers who cannot quit smoking. Smoked cigarettes, feel really will relax him.Stop Smoking

In fact of the habit and expectation and the association with relaxing situations which are the main reasons you feel relaxed. Sometimes they even breathing effect helps to deep relaxation.

Know any runner that deep breathing helps to relax before an event. The difference he is breathing fresh air, instead of poison! Credit cigarette smokers actually to a temporary benefit they get from deep breathing.

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Stop Smoking – Most people agree on stress and relaxation make opposite conditions? Many smokers think abandon create more stress. They believe that these cigarettes actually relieve stress.

Stop Smoking – Amazingly, cigarettes actually cause ‘ stress smokers think they relieve! Constant craving for cigarettes, guilt, and deficits in their ability to quit; low self esteem. Any of this sound familiar? At best, another cigarette temporarily reduces the stress of cigarettes earlier.

So we really should call relaxing effect, ‘ relaxing ‘ stunt. Illusion favored by uninformed smokers who credit error on cigarettes with relaxation.

Quit smoking means back to relax. Quit smoking means back to clear head among many other benefits. As soon as you see through the ruse relax ‘, you are much closer to finally quit smoking once and for all.

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